Interview with Steven Donziger, US attorney victimized because of his legal battles with Chevron

UK journalist Stephen Delahunty made an interview with Steven Donziger for our Youtube channel.

Steven Donziger won a multibillion-dollar judgment against Chevron in Ecuador. In reprisal, he was sued in New York, and he has been on house arrest for almost 600 days. He describes the proceedings against him as a judicial ambush. He has practically been victimized just because of his professional activities carried out on behalf of his clients. Donziger says “Basically, since we won the case in Ecuador, I’ve been targeted with probably the most vicious corporate counterattack in American history… All with the express purpose by Chevron to demonize me, rather than pay the Ecuador judgment that the company owes to the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon.”

 He says “For all intents and purposes, I am the only person in American history being prosecuted by a private oil company. This is frightening for me and my family, but it also represents a grave threat to the right of Free Speech and civil society everywhere. I have now been in house arrest without trial for more than six times longer than the longest sentence ever imposed in New York on a lawyer convicted of contempt. The judge appointed by Judge Kaplan to preside is a leader of the Federalist Society, a pro-corporate legal society to which Chevron is a major donor. She has denied me a jury, restricted my defenses, and removed my two lead lawyers on the eve of a previously scheduled trial. My new trial date is May 10, 2021.”

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