The Dehumanization Continues Against State Of Emergency Decree Victims


Academic Cenk Yiğiter, who was dismissed from the Ankara University law faculty under a state of emergency decree-law, has not been allowed to study at the communication faculty of the same university despite passing the entrance examination.

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Cenk Yigiter who is doctor of law, was dismissed from University of Ankara Faculty of Law with The State of Emergency Decree 679 in the January of 2017. After he was dismissed with decree, he applied to start the internship of lawyer process in the Ankara Bar, but his application was rejected due to the ongoing state of emergency regime and the fact that he has been a dismissed public servant.

Mr. Yigiter did not give up; he applied to the university exams to enroll University of Ankara (as a student); He succeeded it but University of Ankara suddenly and unlawfully changed its regulation to deprive his right to education. With the new regulation which took effect on 8 August 2016, the dismissed public servants were prohibited of being university student.

Mr. Yigiter reacted to the new regulation with his tweets; he said “to be lawyer, to be university student, to go abroad are prohibited; either build a ghetto for us or I’ll be street performer.”

He also said “This is about the right to education. Consider a murderer or think about a criminal of humanity. Even if the definite judgment, conviction is given, he / she can be a student at Ankara University. He can come and register. We also had such a student. A fundamental right afforded even to a manslayer, is not afforded to those of us who were dismissed with a decree. Then I’m no longer human.”

Like as Mr. Yigiter’s application for to be registered to the Bar, dismissed judge Murat Ozkan’s application in same-context was rejected either. The Istanbul Bar Association rejected the application due to the ongoing state of emergency regime and the fact he has been a dismissed public servant.


According to the data compiled by Turkey Purge; 145.711 public servants were dismissed with emergency decrees.

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Amnesty International’s report entitled “TURKEY: NO END IN SIGHT: PURGED PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS DENIED A FUTURE IN TURKEY” defines situation of dismissed public servants as civil death.

Pursuant to State of Emergency Decrees, dismissed public servants can’t work again in public sectors, can’t be teacher or academic in private schools and universities, can’t work as lawyer, pilot, seaman, private security guard and other jobs requires special licences. Also They don’t have health insurance, pensionary right, can’t go abroad because their passports are revoked.


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