Situation in Turkey

“Turkey, Under The State of Emergency”

On the contrary to the purpose of declaring, the State of Emergency Regime has been used subversively against the democratic parliamentary system, the rule of law and human rights.
On the occasion of #HumanRightsDay, The Arrested Lawyers Initiative opened online photography exhibit (“Turkey Under the State of Emergency”) to raise awareness about human rights violation have been lived in Turkey.

Our message on the occasion of European Lawyers Day

We, The Arrested Lawyers Initiative, sincerely congratulate your European Lawyers Day, today, 25th October is also the first anniversary of our initiative which was founded to speak up and struggle for the arrested lawyers. We are a group of Turkish lawyers who are forced to live in exile after the government mass crackdown on human rights defenders and lawyers across Turkey. 
Lawyers are the sine qua non of rule of law and fair, independent, impartial judiciary and also the most important and effective safeguard against torture and ill-treatment. 

The Right to Free Association Vanished in Turkey

The right to freedom of assembly and association has been severely restricted in Turkey under increasingly authoritarian regime of president Erdogan. So far, 1,412 associations and 139 foundations were shut down with unlawful decrees that were not subject to judicial and legislative scrutiny. 28 of the 1412 associations that were shut down were lawyer associations  or law societies operating in 20 different provinces of Turkey.