Victim Claims Beating by Prosecutor While in Custody

Serious Allegation of Human Rights Violation by Ankara Prosecutor

Deutsche Welle Turkish has reported a deeply concerning incident involving a victim named Ö.K., an artist, who claims to have been subjected to physical abuse by an Ankara prosecutor while in custody.

The incident occurred on 21 July in Ankara amidst a tragic accident that took the life of 4-year-old Z.B. As the grieving father, accompanied by his friend Ö.K., arrived at the accident scene, emotions ran high.

The father sought to request that an autopsy not be performed on his deceased daughter. However, the situation took a distressing turn when the Ankara prosecutor, identified as B.C.G., allegedly responded with aggression and intimidation. According to Ö.K., he was attempting to convey the father’s request to the prosecutor when he was abruptly ordered to leave the scene. Despite his polite attempt to express himself, the prosecutor purportedly used derogatory and even threatened him with harm.

Ill-treatment of the victim Ö.K. under custody by prosecutor B.C.G.

Subsequently, Ö.K. was taken into custody on the prosecutor’s orders and transported to the Susuz Gendarmerie Station. There, Ö.K. claims he was subjected to further abuse. He reported being handcuffed behind his back and subjected to verbal harassment and threats. Allegedly, the prosecutor even took control of the statement, forcing Ö.K. to apologize falsely. Physical violence was purportedly used to coerce compliance, with Ö.K. claiming to have been hit on the back and injured during this ordeal.

The situation took an alarming turn when it was reported that the prosecutor attempted to tamper with evidence. Ö.K. claims that the prosecutor ordered the seizure of his mobile phone and attempted to delete footage of their encounter. This alleged attempt to manipulate evidence raises significant concerns about the integrity of the prosecutorial service.

Ö.K. has obtained medical documentation attesting to the physical injuries he sustained during the incident and has expressed his intention to file a criminal complaint against the prosecutor.

The seriousness of this incident cannot be understated, as under Turkish law prosecutors have the duty to protect the rights and freedoms of suspects, specifically the right to be free from torture and ill-treatment while they are under custody. In this case, however, a prosecutor himself committed act of ill-treatment against a victim.

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