Italian Lawyers urge the Italian Authorities to denounce the ongoing Human Rights Violations in Turkey.

Italian lawyers urge the Italian authorities to denounce the ongoing human rights violation in Turkey on the occasion of Erdogan’s visit to the Rome

The Union of Italian Criminal Chambers (L’Unione della Camere Penali Italiane) who represents 8000 Italian criminal lawyers made a statement on the occasion of Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Rome and urged the Erdogan’s Italian counterparts to denounce to ongoing human rights violation in Turkey.

In the statement The UCPI underlined as referring the Arrested Lawyers Initiative’s reports that 572 lawyers have been arrested, 79 lawyers have been convicted and 1506 lawyers have been prosecuted.

The UCPI said that “(the visit of Erdogan) represents the opportunity for the all counterparts of Erdogan not only to discuss political and economic issues, but also openly express that persecuting opponents, minorities and human rights defenders, including lawyers, by denying the principles of the rule of law is systematic violation of the fundamental freedoms.”

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