Venice Commission: The 2020 amendments to the Attorneyship Law endangers the independence of legal profession in Turkey.

The Venice Commission and DG of Human Rights And Rule Of Law of the Council Of Europe published a joint opinion on the 2020 amendments to the Attorneyship Law of Turkey.

Venice Commission Opinion on the Amendments to Law No.1136

According to the opinion;

  1. The amendments:
  • will lead to further politicisation of the legal profession. This is incompatible with the neutral role which the attorneys should normally play.
  • endanger the independence of attorneys, which is implicitly required by the international human rights treaties, by the soft law standards and which is one of the requirements of the rule of law.

2. The creation of alternative bar associations may lead to incoherent practice in disciplinary matters and create administrative instability. It is unclear how it will improve the quality of the training or other services provided by bar associations to its members.

VENICE COM LAW 1136. png

Opinion also has give reference to our reports.


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