New Report: The Erosion of Property Rights In Turkey

Brussel based human rights group Platform for Peace and Justice published a new report titled ‘The Erosion of Property Rights In Turkey’. The report shows how the Turkish Government unlawfully intervenes into property rights  in the pretext of the state of emergency and counter-terrorism measures.

The report presents that up to USD 32.24 billion worth of assets including media outlets, schools, universities, hospitals, banks, associations, foundations, private companies and other estates have been confiscated in breach of Turkey’s domestic laws and the international law.

Bill Browder, a prominent human rights activist, ‘Turns out that Erdogan does the same thing as Putin. In addition to putting anyone who disagrees with him in jail, he confiscates all their property through ‘raider attacks’. This report catalogues $32.2 billion of illegally confiscated property in Turkey.’ said with reference to the report.

Here are some excerpts from the report:

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