Joint Report: No Country for the Purge Victims!


The Arrested Lawyers Initiative and the Human Rights Defenders published a joint report documenting the deprivations which Turkey’s purge victims suffer.

According to the report, those who purged under the Emergency Regime

  • shall be deprived of their ranks and their positions as public officials;
  • may not use their titles, if any, e.g., ambassador, governor, etc;
  • shall not be re-admitted to the organization in which they had previously held office;
  • shall be stripped of rank (for the already retired public servants), and of combat medals;
  • may not be re-employed and assigned, either directly or indirectly, to any public service;
  • may not become the founders, partners and employees of private security companies,
  • shall be evicted from public residences or foundation houses; and
  •  moreover, their passports, gun licenses, seamanship or pilots’ licenses, shall be cancelled.

Besides the direct consequences, mentioned above, the purged civil servants cannot

  • be a foster family,
  • be lawyers and accountants,
  • be mayors, aldermen or mukhtars (local elected administrator for villages), 
  • work as architects, engineers, laboratory worker, or as technicians in building inspection companies,
  • attend vocational courses,
  • work in private educational institutions,
  • work as an on-site (workplace) doctor or as an occupational safety specialist,
  • work as sailors,
  • have passports and travel documents,
  • open bank accounts and are discriminated against in financial transactions and procedures,
  • benefit from the General Health Insurance for people with low income and from the social rights offered to disabled people.


  • the purged civil servants who work as veterinarians cannot have an artificial insemination certificate and cannot perform their profession duties in agricultural support programs,
  • the purged civil servants are denied the license needed to run businesses.
  • The database of the General Directorate of the Land Registry (TAKBIS) includes a list of suspicious people, which consists of those dismissed under emergency decrees. Those included on this list cannot participate in real estate transactions, either as a party (vendee or vendor) or as a witness.
  • Upon an instruction by the Ministry of Justice, the Union of Turkish Public Notaries produced a list of suspicious people which consists of those dismissed under emergency decrees. People included in this list cannot carry out any procedure as notaries other than giving a power of attorney. This means they cannot carry out hundreds of legal procedures, including selling their cars or signing construction contracts.
  • The database for the Social Relief Program (SOYBIS) includes the list of those dismissed under emergency decrees. Disabled people whose first caregivers (such as parents, sons, daughters, sons-in-law and daughters-in- law) are dismissed under emergency decrees cannot benefit from social care funds.
  • The purged public servants are discriminated against in regard to insurance services.
  • The purged public servants are discriminated against in business development and incentive credits.
  • The purged public servants are discriminated against in relation to mandatory military services.
  • The purged academics are discriminated against in academic publishing.
  • The purged civil servants are blacklisted in the databases of the Employment and the Social Security Agencies with the code 36/OHAL/KHK.


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