The police officer who broke two vertebral bones of lawyer Zeycan Balci will be on trial on Monday, 9th December

The police officer, Murat A, who, on 30 March 2016, broke two vertebral bones of lawyer Zeycan Balci by repeatedly kicking her spine will be on trial on Monday, 9th December. Lawyer Balci was hospitalized because of the riot police’s brutal intervention into a peaceful press statement and sit-in protest made in front of the Istanbul Courthouse. Because of the defendant police officer’s repeated kicks, lawyer Balci’s two vertebral bones (lumbar spines) were broken and she was 24% disabled.

Victim lawyer made a call and asked for the solidarity of all lawyers and human rights groups to hold those responsible for this brutal act accountable.  “I want to face him. I haven’t had my kids in my arms for three years (due to my disability). If I am abandoned the defendant can acquit.” she said.

After a three-year legal struggle, police officer Murat A has been charged with exceeding the limit on the authority to use force, willful and malicious injury and will be on trial tomorrow in the Istanbul-Caglayan Courthouse.



(This part of the report was taken from the Bianet English)

Lawyer Zeycan Balcı has been exposed to police attack whilst waiting for the press statement to be issued in front of the courthouse, police kicking her back and waist have broken two of her lumbar spines.

Seventh session of the hearing of the case in which 22 lawyers from the Progressive Jurists Association (ÇHD) are being tried took place at İstanbul 18th Heavy Penal Court. Following the hearing, the lawyers wanted to issue a press statement in front of İstanbul Justice Palace in Çağlayan.

The lawyer Balcı in her statement to bianet explained what happened as follows:

“We announced that we will issue press statement at the end of the hearing in order to inform as to the hearing. We exited and sat on the steps. I was sitting on the top of the steps.

“As soon as we sat, Riot Squad police officers intervened us and started to push with shield without any warning or effort for negotiation.

“They pulled the ones sitting on the steps one by one and stood them up by hitting with their shields. We remained on the top of the steps with my lawyer friend Ezgi Gökten. They pushed us from behind with the shields. One of the police in the front harshly pulled the hair of Ezgi, and I held her.

“Right at that moment the police behind me hit my back with his shield for 8-10 times. I felt a huge pain. The police stopped when I started screaming

“Afterwards I couldn’t move, ambulance came. We went to Okmeydanı Hospital. However, police told ambulance as we are on the way they had to go to Şişli Etfal Hospital.

“They locked the ambulance’s door. I didn’t come down, I said that as a patient I have right to choose doctor and hospital, then they let me go to the Okmeydanı”.

Lawyer Balcı’s two lumbar spines have been broken and she was 24% disabled.

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