Report| Extradition to Turkey: One-way Ticket to Torture and Unfair Trial

The Arrested Lawyers Initiative published a new report entitled  Extradition to Turkey: One-way Ticket to Torture and Unfair Trial.

In the report that covers the situation in Turkey regarding the risks to be subjected torture and ill-treatment and to be tried unfairly, by summarising the reports so far have been published by the official international entities, different national state bodies, respected international and local human rights organisations; it was said:

“… anyone (principal) who may be extradited to Turkey,

i.     will most likely be subjected to torture and ill-treatment,

ii.   will not be able to enjoy his right to freedom in the absence of undue government approval even when released by a competent court of law

iii.  will not be able to enjoy the right to fair trial,

iv.  his right to counsel will be unlawfully hindered.

Finally, in view of the well-established position of the European Court of Human Rights the treatment he (principal) will receive in the hands of Turkish official bodies will constitute serious violations of Article 3 and 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

To read and download the report, click here



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