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Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | October 2018|14 Lawyers were sentenced

In the first half of October 14 Turkish lawyers have been convicted of terrorism related charges. According to data compiled by our initiative monitoring action in daily basis, 592 lawyers have been arrested since the July of 2016, moreover, 196 of those lawyers have been sentenced to long imprisonment, ranging from 2 to 14 years, with the charge of being member of an armed terrorist organisation. 

21 Lawyers were sentenced in Istanbul

So far, in Turkey, 162 lawyers have been sentenced of terrorism related accusations, and mainly of being the member of an armed terrorist organization. Twenty one of those who have been sentenced are member of the Istanbul Bar Association. Istanbul Public Prosecutorial Office has been prosecuting 503 lawyers, of those 147 have been arrested and so far at-least twenty one members of Istanbul Bar Association have been convicted.

Six Bar Associations and human rights groups reported persecution of Turkish lawyers at UN Human Rights Council

The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute, the Law Society of England and Wales, the Bar Human Rights Committee, the Union Internationale des Avocats, Lawyers for Lawyers, and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada made a joint oral statement regarding persecution of Turkish lawyers at United Nations 38th Human Rights Council after Diego García-Sayán presented -UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers- his annual report.