Factsheet: Turkey- the State of Emergency Dismissals and Inquiry (Appeal) Commission


The  Initiative published a factsheet on Turkey’s state of emergency dismissals. It includes the latest statistics on the Inquiry Commission’s work, criteria applied for the dismissals and the definition of the connection and cohesion made by Ankara Regional Appeal Court.

As of July 3,  2020, the Commission, which consists of seven members, delivered 108,200 decisions within thirty months, that is to say, the Commission delivered some 180 decisions per a working day. 

The Inquiry Commission has, so far, considered 108,200 appeals. Of those, 96,000 (% 88.73) were dismissed, and only 12,200 (% 11.27) appeals were accepted. Only 60 of the acceptance decisions are related to 2,761 legal persons were closed down and their assets were confiscated without  compensation.

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