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Report: Key evidence was spoliated in an investigation relating the murder of Tahir Elçi

Turkish journalist Cevheri Guven reports that the most crucial evidence that might lead to the discovery of the perpetrator of the assassination of Tahir Elci was removed from the investigation file and spoliated in the Turkish Institution of Forensic Medicine. According to a bombshell news story published in Boldmedya spoliation of the evidence was carried out at the order of the President of the Institution of Forensic Medicine.

Suspicions and concerns continue about the four victims of enforced disappearance as the Ankara Court has decided to remand them

Özgür Kaya, Erkan Irmak, Yasin Ugan and Salim Zeybek who had been missing since February 2019, unexpectedly turned out in police custody on 29th of July.

Despite Ankara Provincial Security Directorate (Police) claims that  the persons in question were detained in front of Ankara Police HQ during a routine police control, experts who have been closely following their disappearance believe that  the detention of the victims has been staged so as to disguise  Turkish Intel’s involvement in their disappearence.