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Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | November 2018| 15 Lawyers were sentenced

In the November, 15 Turkish lawyers have been convicted of terrorism related charges. According to data compiled by our initiative monitoring action in daily basis, 593 lawyers have been arrested since the July of 2016, moreover, 208 of those lawyers have been sentenced to long imprisonment, ranging from 2 to 14 years, with the charge of being member of an armed terrorist organisation.

Statement by The Arrested Lawyers Initiative on the occasion Of European Lawyers Day

We, The Arrested Lawyers Initiative, sincerely congratulate your European Lawyers Day. 
Lawyers are the sine qua non of rule of law and fair, independent, impartial judiciary and also the most important and effective safeguard against torture and ill-treatment.  As of 25th October 2018, 590 lawyers have been arrested (since 15th July) & 1548 lawyers are under prosecution. So far, 196 lawyers were sentenced to long imprisonment. Some of the arrested lawyers were subjected torture and ill-treatment.

Turkey arrests yet another lawyer: Omer Kavili is the 592nd victim lawyer

Peace Criminal Judge Gorkem Bayraktutan, who has only two years of experience, argued that Mr Kavili’s motive is not performing the profession of defence but demonstrating his client and himself as victim by doing reverse psychology (ters psikoloji) and trying to vindicate in the case by doing so. Judge continued his decision as follows “suspect’s behaviors in question are newsworthy and causing public indignation’  and decided to arrest lawyer Mr. Kavili.

Abuse of the Anti-Terrorism laws by Turkey is steadily increasing

According to our survey there is a steady increase in the use of anti-terrorism law on individuals by public prosecutors. So, while 8,324 people were indicted under Article 314 of the TPC in 2013, 146,718 people were indicted under the same article in 2017. Statistics highlight that Turkey has indicted 221,366 people with the charges of being member or leader of an armed terrorist organization within last five years.

Statistics also indicate that, in 2017, Turkish prosecutors have opened investigations against 527.154 individuals on suspicion of the crimes against the Constitutional order.