Today in Crackdown

Abuse of the Anti-Terrorism laws by Turkey is steadily increasing

According to our survey there is a steady increase in the use of anti-terrorism law on individuals by public prosecutors. So, while 8,324 people were indicted under Article 314 of the TPC in 2013, 146,718 people were indicted under the same article in 2017. Statistics highlight that Turkey has indicted 221,366 people with the charges of being member or leader of an armed terrorist organization within last five years.

Statistics also indicate that, in 2017, Turkish prosecutors have opened investigations against 527.154 individuals on suspicion of the crimes against the Constitutional order.

Our Statement Regarding 5th of April, Lawyers Day in Turkey.

On the occasion of Lawyers Day in Turkey, we urge the Turkish Government to take steps to ensure that all jailed lawyers are immediately released and the charges against them dropped, to take all necessary measures to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of lawyers in Turkey, as well as their ability to perform their professional duties without fear of reprisal, hindrance, intimidation, or harassment.

17 Turkish lawyers are under police custody

As of the moment 17 Turkish lawyers are under police custody in four different provinces.

Eight lawyers have been under police custody since 1st of November in Kastamonu, and a lawyer has been under police custody since 2nd of November in Batman.

Today, seven woman lawyers were detained in the province of Erzurum and also lawyer Selcuk Kozagacli who is the president of Progressive Lawyers Association that is shut down with an emergency decree was detained in Istanbul.