Interview with José Igreja Matos, President of the European Association of Judges, VP of International Association of Judges

Within the scope of our new project we are publishing interviews with prominent European lawyers, judges, academics and executives of associations of lawyers or judges. Our fifth interview is with José Igreja Matos who is First Vice President of the International Association of Judges (IAJ)… Read More ›

Interview: Mr Manuel Soares, President of the ASJP – Union Association of the Portuguese Judges

Our second interview with Mr Manuel Soares who is president of the Union Association of the Portuguese Judges (Associação Sindical dos Juízes Portugueses). The ASJP is the champion on protecting the independence of the judiciary in Europe. According to some scholars the ECJ’s judgment in the case filed by ASJP is arguably one of the most important judgments as regards the principle of the rule of law in the EU legal system.